About Aldershot Lions, Fleet Lions and Hart Lions

The Advent Calendar is a joint venture between three local Lions clubs - Aldershot, Fleet and Hart. Between us we have approached many local businesses to help promote the Advent Calendar and provide worthwhile prizes. Thankfully we have a large number of generous businesses in our area and our thanks go to each and every one.

All of the proceeds of the sale of the Advent Calendar will go to worthy causes in our area and we will let you know, via this website, where the funds go.

About Aldershot Lions

Aldershot Lions Club is a branch of Fleet Lions Club. We always help Fleet Lions with their projects and also organise our own in Aldershot. Join us for one of Quiz nights and a great evening is in store for you. We need 20 members before we can become a full Lions Club so come along to a meeting to see if you would like to join us in helping the less privileged in Aldershot whilst having fun and fellowship. Please see our website for more information www.aldershotlionsclub.org.uk

Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) no. 1177181 

About Fleet Lions

The Lions Club of Fleet has been helping the less privileged in Fleet for 50 years. We are a "Charitable Incorporated Organisation" or CIO and organise events such as the Firework Fiesta and Santa Sleigh Collections each year. Please see our website for full details www.fleetlions.org.uk

Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) no. 1177181 

Fleet Lions and Aldershot Lions Lottery licence: Lottery - 23/00436/LOTREN

About Hart Lions 

Hart Lions Club (CIO) is based in Fleet and has been active in the community for more than 30 years. We have a varied programme of Fundraising and Community projects including our annual sell-out Posh Tea and Fabulous Fashion event, and at Christmas, Light Up A Life and the Christmas Float Collections. We welcome new members, so please visit our website www.hartlions.org.uk for more information about our club, how to contact us and how you could help.

Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) no. 1193888

Hart Lions Lottery licence: Lottery - 22/00796CHACOL